Die Weißweintrinker

Die Weißweintrinker

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Die Weißweintrinker

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Yearning for faith in a disenchanted world

Two brothers in spirit and rivals before the Lord are preparing for their theology exams; trusting God the one, doubting the other. In the final phase of learning together, they trace the hidden references to vocation and election in Scripture. But again and again the doubter is haunted by the idea that instead of becoming a priest he should rather become a "white wine drinker", "to play tricks on the whole world". And while by day they discuss the fourfold sense of Scripture or the meaning of the old covenant, at night they wrestle with God or sleep with Mary. If it were up to the doubter, this state between memory and expectation, frivolous jest and ultimate seriousness would last forever. "Between the points where something happens, in the moments of waiting, there is the gold of life".