Die weiße Pest

Die weiße Pest

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Die weiße Pest – Gedichte in Zeiten der Corona

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The pandemic pervades states and nations worldwide. It is the white plague. We have to live with it, it won't let us go. In this time of death and survival, Matthias Buth attributes texts to himself: Feeling, understanding, seeing and feeling combine. Can one gain composure with poetry? Or does language also reach its limits? That is certainly the case and never has it been any different. And yet, or perhaps precisely because of this, people write, writes Buth. Corona has become a metaphor for life, survival, solidarity and for the realization that – as is sung in the evenings from the balconies in Bergamo, Cologne and Munich in gratitude for the heroes of the clinics – people are brothers and sisters, that the pandemic throws us together and neighbours us.