Der Besuch oder "Ficken Sie Schweine …?"

Der Besuch oder "Ficken Sie Schweine …?"

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Der Besuch oder "Ficken Sie Schweine …?" –
Mit Heiner Müller bei Ernst Jünger. Szenen. Skizzen.

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"The visit had already been considered several times and rejected again and again. A few glasses in Café MORA in Berlin Kreuzberg (according to the menu: Müller Whisky, one third Glenfiddich, two thirds water), and a new attempt was decided. I can't remember who this time gave the impetus to want to visit Ernst Jünger; only that Heiner Müller said at the farewell: – Arrange that, keyword: Ernesto, and remember that when you call me, you're on the phone with all the secret services of the world. Not a word to anyone else either, otherwise all the idiots from the press will be at the door. We write late spring 1987.